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Develop your job skills

We identify training as a strategic factor that provides people with improvements in their technical, professional and interpersonal skills, enabling opportunities for their growth within any type of organization.
In different areas we offer solutions to support the development and/or strengthening of labor competencies.
Our training strategy is based on competencies (CBC), aimed at obtaining concrete, observable and measurable progress.
Our offer is based on the detection of training needs, we seek to benefit, mainly, the human resources that are working in the organization of information, documentation and institutional and/or corporate files.
Our objective is to train and professionalize human resources through a series of workshops designed to develop and strengthen work and personal skills. Some of our courses / workshops are the following:

  • strategic planning

  • introDocument Management and Archives: International Best Practices

  • Preparation of Archival Control Instruments (General Chart of Archival Classification)

  • Correspondence and Document Management Control Unit.

  • Technical Processes of the Procedure File

  • Technical Processes of the Concentration File

  • Valuation and Documentary Cancellation

  • Technical Processes of the Historical Archive

  • Preparation of the Annual Archival Development Program (PADA)

  • Quality Processes in the Archives

  • Archival Audits

  • Quality Processes in the Archives

  • Standards and Best Practices for Document Management and Digital Transformation

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership in transparency units, and file coordination areas.

  • Organizational coaching.

  • team coaching

  • personal coaching

  • Design of contingency manuals

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